Elderberry flower

The Elderberry

2090 sf + 408 sf*

Total 2498 sf

*finished basement

Elderberry: in late summer along nature trails, shining clusters of dark reddish-purple elderberries hang jewel-like in the sun. Ripe elderberries make wonderful pies, wine and fall tonics.

The Elderberry
Wintergreen flower

The Wintergreen

2562 sf + 603 sf*

Total 3255 sf

*finished basement

Wintergreen: in spring and summer, fragrant wintergreen shrubs sport delicate little white bell-like flowers. In winter, festive red berries appear.

Coneflower flower

The Coneflower

2641 sf + 532 sf*

Total 3173 sf

*finished basement

Coneflower: butterflies flock to coneflowers all summer long in Ontario meadows. Known as echinacea, the vibrant purple flowers make an immune-boosting tea.

Marigold flower

The Marigold

2641 sf + 532 sf*

Total 3173 sf

*finished basement

Marigold: Ontario’s marsh marigold likes to appear after the snow disappears. Also known as cowslips, the brilliant yellow flowers cluster in sunny areas near water.

Marigold elevation
Trillium flower

The Trillium

Total 3416 sf

Trillium: this much-loved spring flower can be found on forest floors, soaking up sunshine for a few short weeks before leaves appear. The White Trillium, one of  five trilliums native to Ontario, is a provincial icon.

Trillium elevation